The Bar

There are only two kinds of people in the world, the Irish and those who wish they were. At our house, never a day goes by without our kegs flowing, music pumping, and our neighbors raising a glass to a good ol’ pint or two. You’ll definitely want to grab a seat at the most coveted spot at the pub, our bar, where there’s something for everyone! From over 50 beer brews to an exceptional list of imported and domestic wines and spirits, and cocktails with a signature twist. Along with whiskey walls, beer ladders, and screens showing live sports matches daily, always leave our pub as happy as Larry!

Beer Kegs

It’s always beer o’clock at our house with our bar serving a wide range of international draughts along with local crafts and draughts. If you want to chug the traditional way, get your hands on our big 1 litre Irish mug, or, if you’re feeling extra thirsty, get your pour straight from our custom made 3 litre kegs. As we always say, may your glasses always be full and your hearts happy. So, get sipping on a chilled fresh draft, we guarantee you’ll want more. Don’t miss having a look at the #IrishLifeLessons on our coasters while you’re sipping your favorite brew.

Community Drinks

What’s the fun in drinking and making bad decisions if you don’t have your friends to accompany you? Our cocktails served up community style are the ultimate group party drink. From our Irish Terminator to The Hurricane, this is the perfect way to get your night started! Or if you believe in your alcohol-retention capacity, maybe give it a shot all by yourself 😉 (we promise we’ll call a cab back home for you).

Irish Signatures

Drink like an Irish, act like an Irish! Our energetic bartenders will always keep you on your toes, stirring up cocktails with a signature Irish twist. Our specials such as The Inverted Bird, The Irish Mule, The Trash Can and The Citric Spinner are a mix of innovative and rustic concoctions that will leave you with a different taste and different mood with every sip and have you coming back for more.

The Straight Drinkers

Just like the Irish, our whiskey is no fuss free – served cold, straight and neat. Our on the rocks menu features a variety of single malts, select bourbons, imported scotch, and even some local favorites. If you prefer the road less travelled, we also have a variety of vodka, rum, wine, gin, and other liquors for the no nonsense drinkers! Get sipping on something straight, iced, and everything nice.