The Food

We’re always in the mood for food, especially when its finger licking good. We’re open round the clock for you with comfort classics to contemporary pub dishes right from lunch to evening drinks and even dinner. Our expansive food menu covers a range of appetizers, community eats, loaded fries, burgers, pastas, pizzas, grills and desserts to ensure we have balanced and sufficient choices for everyone. You may have to open your buttons up after this one!


If you ever need to pregame your food with more food, start with our appetizers! We’ve got the best of all your pub food from old-fashioned Onion Rings, Crispy Fries and Classic Fish n Chips to innovative plates like our Sriracha Rigatoni and Cheese Burst Chicken. The ideal snack with any of our Irish drinks.

Community Eats 

Incase you reluctantly have to share your food with your pals we’ve got plenty of platters to go around! From our crowd favourite, Grande Nachos and Headless Chicken Platter, to a little surprise in your food with our Beer Fondue and our healthy Hummus Platter, get digging in all our hearty options all at once!

Loaded Fries 

We don’t know about you, but fries have never let us down, especially when they are topped with all sorts of goodness. From Angry Bird and Mexican Mess to Tipsy Paprika and the crowd favorite, Mac n Cheese Fries, there is no limit with our loaded fries menu.


We don’t discriminate with our bread – they come in all shapes, forms and flavors! You’re in for a juicy treat with our wholesome burgers like Double Chicken Ghost Crunch, Sloppy Pig Out, Shroom Melt and Green Greek Overload or our sandwiches like Murphy’s BBQ Chicken Law and Twisted Cubano. Life is definitely better when “sandwiched” between two breads.

Pastas and Pizzas 

We are all about being cheesy, especially when it comes to our pastas and pizzas! Whether you’re craving the classics with an Old School Mac and Cheese, or feel like exploring with our Sriracha Chicken Pizza and Hunter’s Penne, there’s plenty of cheese, spice and flavor for everyone!


Who said balance only comes with exercise? Our grilled bowls are the ideal healthy option at the pub, coming to you fresh, hot and straight off the grill! Meat lovers, you’ve entered paradise with our Moroccan Lamb Bowl, Beer Can Roast Chicken and Portofino Grilled Fish. The Irish don’t forget about their veggies too, with some great choices for the vegetarians from Peri Peri Grilled Cottage Cheese Bowl and Sriracha Veggie Skewers amongst many others!


Forget love, we’d rather fall in love with our dessert menu. You may have a tough choice picking from our sweet spread from The Irish Riverdance (a signature!) and Devilish Chocolate Brownie, to the Nutty Caramel Pie and Dual Chocolate Torte, or you may just order all!


At Irish, have it how you like it. All day, every day, build your own burgers, pastas pizzas and warm bowls by picking your choice of meats, veggies, sauces and toppings! For that quick yet satisfying meal on the go, this is the pot of gold!